A. The best way is to get yourself assessed and know what options you have to immigrate. For instance you may qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Class and also the Quebec Skilled Worker Class. The best way would depend in this instance where you want to live how fast you want to come to Canada and how fluent are you in your French. Once you know what options you have it becomes easier to make a decision

  • Advise you on all criteria of the foreign worker program
  • Assist you in all the paperwork to obtain a positive LMO from Service Canada
  • Provide you access to our database of candidates who wish to apply for jobs in Canada
  • Assist your chosen candidates to obtain a valid work permit from their Country of residence
  • Keep a track record of permit renewals for your employees
  • Advise you on how to retain your employees through permit renewals or assisting them in their residency process.
  • Prepare all paperwork for your employees who wish to apply for your permanent residency either through the Provincial Nominee Program or the Federal Program.
  • Be involved in your long term HR requirements and advise you on timelines and update you change in laws.
  • Advice and assist any employees who have lost their status, been involved in any crimes, who wish to renew their temporary visas, or sponsor family.